Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reflection 8

Reflection Prompt: Think about what types of corrections you most commonly need to make verbally. (from observing  I'd say SLANT, stop talking, track the speaker, I need hands) Which nonverbal signals can you begin and consistently use in order to redirect students when needed without interrupting your instruction.

Over the last week I've really made an effort to focus on using nonverbally to make classroom management corrections. I could use a hand with all 5 fingers spread to count down when I need students to transition to another activity.

Another nonverbal signal that I can use is simple hand guestures like motioning my hands down or pointing to where I want students to redirect their attention to. One that I do not want to ignore is the power of proximity. Standing next to a student who is not in compliance can also aid as a nonverbal.

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  1. Great - I'll look for these when I visit next. I hope your scholars' performance on ISTEP this week positively reflects their skills and knowledge. Thank you so much, Lauren, for preparing them. :) See you soon!