Sunday, January 27, 2013

Reflection 6

Reflection Prompt: Connecting your coursework to classroom teaching.  Reflect and write about how you're implementing knowledge and/or skills from your Marian graduate coursework.  What have you specifically been able to implement and what effect has it had on your students' learning?

The course work I do love! Although it's still "work," I glean so much from it that I look forward to all my classes. This semester I am taking a Special Education Assessment course. This course teaches me how to deliver assessments to students in need in order to understand specifically where my students academic measurements lie. This course also helps me to differentiate instruction for the sake of student accomodations.

I am learning how to pull out students to preteach and reteach. Nearly every day I have implemented this strategy to catch up students who normally have a tendency to fall behind. By pulling them out before teaching a new lesson, it gives those students in need a chance to get a "heads up" on the material so that they can already be thinking in that direction.

This course also teaches me how to work closer to my inclusion teachers. I am giving my inclusion teachers extra materials to use in resource classrooms so that the classroom direct instruction is reinforced through group work and projects. Since doing all of these things, I have seen a TREMENDOUS difference in the student product as well as an overall understanding of materials presented in class. Here's some data to chew on: all of my E/LA classes reached our Big Goal of 80% mastery with 3 of my E/LA classes reaching an overal 93% mastery and another 87% master.

That's a win in my book!
We are well on our way of reaching our class Big Goal!

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  1. Lauren thanks for your informative post. You bring up a good point in that you're also able to work more productively with your inclusion teachers. Good to hear! Thanks also for providing representative data.

    I'm looking forward to my next visit to your class (in about three hours). :)