Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reflection 4

Reflection Prompt:  Please use the attached summative rubric to self score on the five indicators included in Teacher Leadership (Ineffective,  Improvement Necessary, Effective, Highly Effective). Identify your strongest area with a brief explanation.  Identify which indicator you most need to  develop, the obstacle to your growth and how you can push through the obstacle. 

                                                             Teacher Leadership

              Indicator                                                                                            Self Score

3.1 Contribute to School Culture                                              (4) Highly Effective
3.2 Collaborate with Peers                                                        (3) Effective
3.3 Seek Professional Knowlege and Skills                              (3) Effective
3.4 Advocate for Student Success                                             (3) Effective
3.5 Engage Families for Student Learning                                (2) Improvement Necessary

My strongest area of Teacher Leadership is my contribution to school culture. I do seek out leadership roles when it comes to the school's mission and initiatives- especially where the students are concerned. I tend to work late working on school projects and teacher meetings. I also lend a lot of my school breaks and after school time to my students and peers.

The area I need the most development in is Engaging Families for Student Learning. I want to seek out more ways to engage parents. I could definately make more phone calls home and send letters to parents informing them of the up and coming lessons their children will be taught in my class.


  1. Lauren, thank you for going "over and above" with regard to time invested for the benefit of your students. Although I think teachers continue to invest in student-family relationships throughout their career, it's the most challenging during the first year of teaching because of all the other time intensive roles and responsibilities.

    I was wondering what SPECIFIC ideas and expertise have you contributed to further the mission of the school and its initiatives? What SPECIFIC leadership roles have you taken on and have these roles led you to share your gifts, skills and passions with others in your building or beyond?

  2. Well, I helped revamp our school's mission statement before break. I am also on the AVID team and I recently was selected to be on the principal's leadership team! I'm very excited about that. I'm not sure what his specific plans are for these teams or what my specific role will be, but for now I'm definately there until further appointment.