Sunday, November 4, 2012

Reflection 3

Reflection Prompt: Think about how the pair/share group time (scholars discussing writing) could have been structured more intentionally in order to maximize work/learning time. As a follow up to our debrief, how did you follow up with your scholars the following day about why you provide for "talk time" and how to productively use it. (2.3, 2.7)

Reflecting back, I could have added more structure to the pair/share group time by providing guided questions for each group. Working without an inclusion teacher or tutor for that class period made it necessary for more planning in which I didn't consider. I'm learning along the way. But I do believe guided questions would have kept more of my students on task for the remainder of the class period, especially for students who tend to get off task easily.

The next day I opened the class up with a scholar talk in which we discussed the purpose of group writing. I used the proverb "iron sharpens iron" to effectively illustrate group work and the benefits thereof. I explained to them that writing with each other can strengthen the weaker areas that each student may have as they become strong. We also discussed that our strengths can enhance another scholar's abilities and make them become better writers.


  1. Keeping scholars on task with grouping can be a challenge but I REALLY like it when it works well. The more you model what it should look like and the more you practice it WELL, the better scholars will get. Guiding questions are good. Encourage/insist/challenge the students to go deeper into the text instead of just answering more questions. This will challenge you to come up with better questions to draw them into the text :) I love the visual you provided above.

    And I sure appreciate this blog - now why didn't I do this with all my teachers this year. You rock my world, Elle Em!

  2. Aww thank you Ms. Deb!!!!! I appreciate all of your feedback!!!