Sunday, September 30, 2012

Reflection 2

Reflection topic: Articulate how you plan with the end in mind and also include the summative or culminating assessment for the unit I observed today.

            When lesson planning I try to always start with the end. This ensures that my plans are focused on having each student leave with the information that they need to know. This is very important because each lesson is built on the previous, and if I am not positive that my students understand the day’s content, I will never be ready to move on the next day. If my students are not ready to move on, I need to differentiate my teaching and reteach the next day.
            The assessment I gave for my Exit Ticket was as follows: “Besides school, where do you think you will use descriptive writing?” I asked this question because it is important for my students to understand that descriptive writing goes outside of the classroom. Descriptive writing will be applied in several aspects of life- therefore a level of mastery is important for their success.
Beginning with the end allows me to unravel complex content into smaller, bite size chunks for my students.

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